Post Release Analysis

Killboard Buddy has been out on the market for a couple of days and now I have a better idea of what to work on from here.

The biggest issue when hearing users initial feedback was a lack of direction on where to go. It’d be more helpful to guide users into creating their first account, which I think makes it easier to know where to go afterward.

A FAQ or some way to explain some limitations of the app (API limitations and also how the app is only able to collect so many kills per update cycle).

There were a few reported crashes but so far the developer console hasn’t revealed any to me. I’ll look into adding a third party solution for bug reporting/app crashes.

I did push out an update to fix some activity titles and change the icon colours. The icons weren’t as apparent on some devices as they were too dark, now they are more white than grey which should make this less of an issue.

A summary of things I’ll be looking at for my next update:

– Improved “First-Time” experience. Directing the user to setup a killboard feed or add an API key
– Adding API key from a text file stored on the SDCard. This is how some other Eve apps handle the addition of API keys
– An in-app FAQ to clear the error about some limitations of the app
– Look into moving API updates off of the main UI thread
– More responsive UI. Show the user that something is happening during an update.
– Tweak notifications. Pop up a notification only when updates are actually added to the database

On the bright side, the database side of things is holding up for the time being, so that should make it easier to push out the next update. I have 36 installs on 19 devices, so I’ll advertise my app a little more post-update.

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