School Scheduler – A Small Update Has Arrived

I started looking into Calendar Sync for School Scheduler and realized this will take a bit of time to implement. It looks calling on the internal calendar isn’t officially supported until Android 4.0, which means I’ll have to be very careful in how I tackle this task.

As a result, I’m releasing my bundle of smaller changes early, to help improve the functionality of the app and reduce user pain a little bit.


  • Added ability to tag a lecture as a lecture/lab/tutorial (Full version only)
  • Tasks are now sorted by due date
  • Improved the intuitiveness of the UI when modifying start/end term dates and lecture times while adding/editing lectures
  • Ability to view times in 12-hour or 24-hour formats
  • Adjusted theme colours
  • Added an about screen

The most noticable change will be the improved theme colours. The blue is much darker now and I switched out the calendar background to be grey. It’s looking rather spiffy.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the update! For those who are keeping tabs on total installs I’ve now surpassed 1500 on the free version (as of 11am) so it will be interesting to see how the pattern goes in the coming week.

But for now it’s time to get some sleep and then it’s back to work in the morning 🙂

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