School Scheduler – Lite is now on Amazon

Just a quick note to point out that the releases of both School Scheduler and School Scheduler – Lite are available on the Amazon App Store. They are currently older versions from the ones available on Google Play, but given the time it takes to approve the apps on the store I feel it’s best to bundle in syncing changes with the next update.

Which leads me to my next note. I am in the middle of integrating Google Calendar sync capabilities with the app. There are still a few hurdles to overcome, but adding a lecture is now creating a corresponding event in the calendar.

For the initial release, I’m thinking of leaving sync capabilities disabled (by default) with options to enable them in a new Settings screen. This screen will also allow to select which calendar to use that’s on your Android device (for example, the local calendar, gmail, hotmail, etc).

I’m trying to be very careful when it comes to implementing this, by adding safeguards if the device doesn’t have the Google Calendar (such as the Kindle Fire). One of the biggest hurdles is Google is only officially supporting the Android Calendar API from ICS (4.0 and up).

This only covers around 60% of the current install base. It’s possible to implement similar functionality for previous Android versions but they will be purely unofficial and I don’t really have hardware devices to test the changes on. I’m still thinking of the best way to tackle this, but I may add the functionality behind a disclaimer button.

Anyways, I’m going to get back to work. Thanks for reading 🙂

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