School Scheduler – Would you like to sync that?

After a long coding marathon, a new update has been submitted to Google Play for School Scheduler. The main feature for this update is sync support with Google Calendar, which has been asked for by many.

Click here to check out the update on Google Play.

I hope to bring an update to the Lite version soon. I’m moving away from AdMob and will see about implementing something out, perhaps in-house ads to change things up from the stuff everyone sees in every other free app out there.

I’m looking to offer limited sync support in the free version, perhaps with one course only, so users can try it out on their device to make sure it works beforehand.

Here’s the changelist for the full version:
New Features:

  • Google Calendar sync support for devices with Google Calendar app installed.
    • Does not currently import from Calendar or recognize external modifications to events.
    •  Does not import from Calendar or recognize modifications made outside of the app!
    • Offically supported on 4.0 and higher. If your device version is lower than Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) you *may* have sync functionality if the calendar can be found. Sync may not work on some devices.
  • A new Settings menu is available with various settings
  • Start/End semester dates are now definable in settings
  • Added optional office and notes fields for courses
  • When selecting dates, a calendar appears for honeycomb and newer devices (3.0.x and higher).
  • It’s now possible to select the date in the Schedule Tab to change the current day.
  • Tasks not assigned to a course in the lite version are now imported correctly.
  • Lecture labels have been renamed to “Classes”
I’m looking to deal with any issues that come up as users transition to the update while sorting out an update for the Lite/free version. After that I’ll take a look at persisting save state when the device rotates, a holo-light theme and maybe even tablet friendly layouts.
Stay tuned!

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