School Scheduler Reviewed by Android Tapp

Hi all,

I found out that another review has been published for my app, this one coming from Android Tapp. Take a moment and check it out here!

Apologies for the lack of updates this past week but I’ve been out of town and away from my development machine. I did push a small update out earlier in the week to fix calendar sync on some calendars where classes were appearing on the first day of the semester, but otherwise it’s been a bit quiet on the development front.

I return home tomorrow and will begin working on the next update for School Scheduler this weekend. I’ll be looking at adding import/export support for the app, for those of you with multiple devices.

I picked up a Transformer Tablet so I’ll also start looking into creating tablet specific layouts, so stay tuned!

School Scheduler

Since my last post School Scheduler 1.22 has been released for paid users while the free version has been updated with the latest changes. Free changes include the ability to sync one course to Google Calendar so go ahead and check it out here if you’re still unsure 😛

I also woke up this morning to find out my app has received an award, so today’s off to a decent start 🙂