School Scheduler 1.24

An update for the paid version of School Scheduler has arrived on Google Play and this website! Amazon updates along with a free version update will occur in the near future.

The biggest changes in this version is the addition of import/export support and the ability to create classes and tasks from Google Calendar events. This should make it easier to manage the app across multiple devices. Both of these features are paid version only.

These changes lay out the ground work for automatic validation and detection of calendar changes which will need to be implemented in a future version. That being said, give the changes a go and please feel free to contact me regarding any feedback!

Click here to go to Google Play.


  • Export your courses, lectures and tasks for backup purposes or for importing to another device
  • (Beta) Initial support to create classes/tasks from existing Google Calendar events


  • Bi-weekly classes no longer sync to the semester start date if the class is not set to run on that day
  • Added notification on class/task edit screens when they can not find its calendar event
  • Tasks no longer be falsely marked as completed after scrolling through the tasks tab

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