Price Compare Version 1.0 Now Available!

Price compare is now available on Google Play!

The app differs from other grocery/shopping apps on the market by focusing on tracking the amount of product per each dollar spent. It works for products that are sold via mass or volume (think groceries, and anything with a mass/volume attached to it such as pop, chips, fruit, gasoline, etc).

Core Features:

  •  By entering price, amount and a unit type (such as grams, liters, pounds or gallons) you can compare against previously entered prices instantly. Conversions are performed automatically.
  • Categorize products under one or more categories.
  • Track stores along with prices to build a price history.
  • Use star ratings to rate product quality for comparing across various brands
  • Supports metric and imperial system (mg, g, kg, oz, lb, mL, L, Liquid Oz (UK), Liquid Oz (US), Gallons (UK), Gallons (US)
  • Tons of options to save, from groceries to gas, track anything that you buy based on mass/volume.
  • View both via $/Amount and Amount/$

Visit the store page and try it out. The starting price for the app is $2 which is very cheap considering how much it can help with tracking prices and always having them by your side.


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