Price Compare and School Scheduler Black Friday Sale!

With Black Friday in this US this weekend I’ve lowered the price for Price Compare and School Scheduler down to $1.00 each. If you’ve been using the free version of either app and are looking to upgrade now is the time to do so!

Google Play:
School Scheduler
Price Compare

School Scheduler
Price Compare

Slide Me:
School Scheduler

If you haven’t already checked out the apps I strongly encourage you to do so. Please feel free to send any feedback you have on how to improve the app. I’ve been taking notes and have implemented a number of suggested features over previous updates!

This sale will end Nov 26th. I hope Black Friday treats you well and have a good and enjoyable weekend!

Learning More About WordPress Plugins And Web Vulnerabilities

I enjoy reading up on security issues and learning about the latest attack vectors in the wild. As a result, I’ve found penetration testing to be an enjoyable and often rewarding experience. Last month I started reading into pen-testing web applications (specifically php but it also covered other web languages) and I learnt quite a bit as a result. I’d highly recommend reading The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook as it goes into a great amount of detail of some of the most common web vulnerabilities and ways to go about finding them.

After some reading and practice, I took aim at several WordPress plugins to see how secure they really were. Within a couple of days I found a Remote File Inclusion vulnerability for Advanced Custom Fields, which made it possible to execute arbitrary code from a remote host. I found this vulnerability on Oct 17, 2012 and it has been fixed as of 3.5.2 of the plugin.

Full details of the vulnerability can be found on Secunia’s website.

When I have some free time, I’d like to continue diving in on this pen-testing both to gain some credibility and experience in the security field and as a way of winding down and working on something different.


School Scheduler – Now with Tablet layout support

School Scheduler and School Scheduler – Lite has been upgraded to 1.25 on Google Play. An Amazon update will be done soon after any initial reported issues have been addressed.

The biggest change in this update is taking advantage of Tablet’s screen size and keeping the main screen in view while managing courses and tasks.

This update also gave me a chance to do some re-factoring while moving things from activities into fragments. I did a fair amount of internal testing to catch as many bugs as I could before releasing the update (there are also bug fixes for importing classes/tasks from the calendar) but please contact me via e-mail if you notice any issues after the update.

This update will make it easier to work on new features in the future. I’m hoping to do another update soon, as one of the features I’m looking forward to implementing is exclusion dates (so you can mark off holidays or cancelled classes). Stay tuned!

Freelance Options Available

Are you in need of a professional freelance developer? Do you require a skilled software developer with valuable quality assurance experience?

If you’re interested in hiring me as a freelancer for software development and/or mobile/software/web testing please send an email to

I have over 4 years of experience in the computer games industry! I’ve worked on Eve Online, a massively multiplayer online game created by CCP. I also have 6+ months of Android application development experience. I am a quick learner and eager to help you with your development efforts. Consider hiring me if you’re looking for a freelance programmer/tester who is knowledgeable in Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, SQL and more!


  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing for Windows/Linux software and Android devices (phone or tablet)
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Performance/Crash testing
  • Technical Support

My LinkedIn profile can be found here and my freelancing page is located here.