Learning More About WordPress Plugins And Web Vulnerabilities

I enjoy reading up on security issues and learning about the latest attack vectors in the wild. As a result, I’ve found penetration testing to be an enjoyable and often rewarding experience. Last month I started reading into pen-testing web applications (specifically php but it also covered other web languages) and I learnt quite a bit as a result. I’d highly recommend reading The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook as it goes into a great amount of detail of some of the most common web vulnerabilities and ways to go about finding them.

After some reading and practice, I took aim at several WordPress plugins to see how secure they really were. Within a couple of days I found a Remote File Inclusion vulnerability for Advanced Custom Fields, which made it possible to execute arbitrary code from a remote host. I found this vulnerability on Oct 17, 2012 and it has been fixed as of 3.5.2 of the plugin.

Full details of the vulnerability can be found on Secunia’s website.

When I have some free time, I’d like to continue diving in on this pen-testing both to gain some credibility and experience in the security field and as a way of winding down and working on something different.


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