School Scheduler 1.3 Update Released

Hi all,

It took a bit longer than I had planned on but I’ve finally started pushing out the first updates to 1.3. The update has been pushed for Paid users that purchased the app via Google Play.

Version 1.3 includes the ability to cancel individual classes or mark an entire course off for one or more days. Additionally, there’s an option to take the entire day off school either for holidays, spring break or for any other reason.

I also found and fixed a sync bug that has affected a few users since I had introduced the feature of syncing to Google Calendar. If you had deleted an event from Google Calendar before turning off sync, this would not be updated correctly within the School Scheduler app. I added a check now so it can be deleted and thus re-added the next time sync functionality is enabled within the app.

I’ll be keeping an eye on any issues that come up as a result of the new version and will push out an update for free users as well as update the Amazon and SlideMe markets once the version is deemed stable.


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