DIY – Reattach Earpiece Material For Plantronics RIG Headset

The following shows you a low-cost fix to reattach the earpiece material to the base your Plantronics RIG Headset if has detached from the base of the unit through normal use.

Note/Disclaimer: This fix will void your headset warranty. Don’t blame me if my steps don’t fix your issue, make things worse, prevent you from getting warranty support afterward, or need to replace your headset. Follow safety instructions and use common sense.

Despite taking care of my headset for almost a year, recently the fabric that hold the foam in place around one side of my headset gave way, preventing me from comfortably wearing the headset.

original issue

I contacted Plantronics to find out if there was a way to easily fix the issue, but was advised I’d need to ship the entire unit (including mixer and additional microphones) to receive service. This was going to cost about $20 CAD, and a quick search online showed I could buy a brand new set for $50 – 75 CAD.

I searched online, and noticed I wasn’t the only person with this issue. I took the foam out of the earpiece to have a better look, and noticed the original problem and devised a cheap DIY solution to fix it.

Here’s what my headphones look like now with my $10 fix.

Completed repair

What You Need:

  • Velcro that can be cut into 3x small strips (About 1″ x 0.5″ each) – I found an industrial strength pack that had way more than I needed for under $5.
  • Super Glue – Used to reinforce the bond from the velcro backing to the pleather material.
  • Scissors – To cut some strips


  1. If you haven’t done so already, remove the foam from the earpiece.
  2. Pull back the material to see the plastic portion that previously held the material together. I worked on one section at a time as I found the material wasn’t elastic enough to pull it over and out of the way of the headset.I noticed the pleather had worked itself off of the original glue on the clear plastic, and could see the pattern imprinted in the glue itself.
    glue detatched from material
  3. Attach the hoop side of the velcro directly to the clear plastic. My velcro had an adhesive backing, and after testing it I felt it was sufficient for staying attached.I stuck with putting the hooks on the vinyl material because I wanted to avoid having them dig into the foam for the earpiece.
    4. attaching velcro to plastic with glue
  4. Attach the velcro loop strips to the vinyl material. I added a drop of super glue onto the back of each velcro piece to help prevent the vinyl from detaching again. I gave each strip a chance to dry before working on the next one.
    5. Attaching to material.
  5. When all of the velcro pieces have been added. Re-insert the foam into the earpiece.
    6. reposition foam
  6. Now re-wrap the material over the foam and attach the velcro pieces to each other. Do one piece at a time, the benefit being the attached velcro pieces will help hold everything together as you work on each side.When you’re done, you can make any adjustments if needed but your earpiece should look like the picture shown below.Completed repair