Just a small update on the Killboard app. Things are coming together and I’ve added a few more features.

– Added a search feature for pilot/corp/alliance

– Created a summary page similar to what is seen on killboard websites

– Improvements to the sync account page

At this point I need to harden the API/Feed Syndication updates and then it will be close to done. It’s looking like it will be more of an Alpha than a prototype 🙂

Some more photos from the app I’ve been making for Eve.

I’m currently implementing API registration (so your characters can fetch kill info from CCP) and I’ve figured out how to get data from the eve-kill website.

Note: Not real account info nor my character kill feed 🙂

New Beginnings and Time to Recharge

The world doesn’t stop when you want to. One thing I’ve learned this year is that it’s important to set aside some time for yourself every now and then. No one else is going to do it for you.

I’ve taken the week between Christmas and New Year’s off in an attempt to recharge my batteries. It’s nice not having a pre-defined schedule and having the option to do what I’d like. I feel as though I work better in this way, and will finally get a chance to wrap up a lot of things I’ve been putting off for weeks now.

Another thing I’ve learned about myself this year is how much I enjoy summer. I can’t wait to experience it again. I’ve been living in the north for a few years now and I am unable to leave the house without bringing along a jacket. When I took vacation back home this summer I was much happier just hopping on a bike in shorts and a t-shirt and would be gone for hours. The air was fresh, the sun was warm and time was no longer an issue. I look forward to experiencing it all again in 2012.

Now to come up with a few New Year’s Resolutions. I have a few in mind and I look forward to tackling them in the new year!