VMWare: Where 30% off Upgrades Are More Like 11.8%

Note: For the record I like VMWare Workstation. I’m just not a fan of shady marketing tactics.

After speaking with a number of friends and co-workers this past week we’ve pretty much all agreed that Black Friday/Cyber Monday was a bust. This time of year used to be good for finding deals but retailers keep trying to trick us into believing a deal is better than it appears. Here’s a great example that crawled into my inbox this morning from none other than VMWare. Continue reading

It’s Summer Already!

Time flies when you’re distracted.

This past year has flown by. A lot has gone on and much has changed. I know I was hoping to pay some more attention to the site last October but never really did, but I’m hoping to make a more serious effort this time around.

I’m not sure what this site will turn into or become, but I will try to use it as a launch pad while I try to get something up and running again.

Anyway, stay tuned and hopefully you’ll see some awesomeness 🙂