Getting things up and running again

I spent some time this weekend re-organizing my dev environment and updating software to the latest versions. I’m hoping to take some time this week to working on some of my projects after work.

The trouble is, I have tons of things I want to do but not enough time to tackle them all. I might see what state the Android apps are currently in and go from there.

School Scheduler 1.3 Update Released

Hi all,

It took a bit longer than I had planned on but I’ve finally started pushing out the first updates to 1.3. The update has been pushed for Paid users that purchased the app via Google Play.

Version 1.3 includes the ability to cancel individual classes or mark an entire course off for one or more days. Additionally, there’s an option to take the entire day off school either for holidays, spring break or for any other reason.

I also found and fixed a sync bug that has affected a few users since I had introduced the feature of syncing to Google Calendar. If you had deleted an event from Google Calendar before turning off sync, this would not be updated correctly within the School Scheduler app. I added a check now so it can be deleted and thus re-added the next time sync functionality is enabled within the app.

I’ll be keeping an eye on any issues that come up as a result of the new version and will push out an update for free users as well as update the Amazon and SlideMe markets once the version is deemed stable.


Happy New Year! Upcoming School Scheduler Changes!

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, so here’s a little info of what I’ve been up to in recent months.

After spending some time learning about web based vulnerabilities I’ve also started looking into operating system vulnerabilities and exploitation by analysing malicious software. It’s been a blast so far and I hope to make use of these skills in the future.

As a result of my research in this area, my Android apps have taken a bit of a back seat in recent months. That being said, over the Christmas holidays I started to push ahead and began working towards a new update for School Scheduler, as more and more students are installing the app with the winter semester starting. The next update to School Scheduler will include bug fixes and a new (well requested) feature – the ability to cancel classes or block out holidays within the semester.

While working on the feature I’ve identified a number of areas within the code base that requires re-factoring and in some cases a better implementation all together. As a result I’ll probably look at re-writing the app which will take some additional time, but should yield a much more positive result. I’d also like to improve sync abilities between devices, so I’ll have to put some thought into the best way of implementing that. So the update with holidays/cancellations will be released as 1.3 and the rewrite of the app will most likely arrive as a version 2.0.


Learning More About WordPress Plugins And Web Vulnerabilities

I enjoy reading up on security issues and learning about the latest attack vectors in the wild. As a result, I’ve found penetration testing to be an enjoyable and often rewarding experience. Last month I started reading into pen-testing web applications (specifically php but it also covered other web languages) and I learnt quite a bit as a result. I’d highly recommend reading The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook as it goes into a great amount of detail of some of the most common web vulnerabilities and ways to go about finding them.

After some reading and practice, I took aim at several WordPress plugins to see how secure they really were. Within a couple of days I found a Remote File Inclusion vulnerability for Advanced Custom Fields, which made it possible to execute arbitrary code from a remote host. I found this vulnerability on Oct 17, 2012 and it has been fixed as of 3.5.2 of the plugin.

Full details of the vulnerability can be found on Secunia’s website.

When I have some free time, I’d like to continue diving in on this pen-testing both to gain some credibility and experience in the security field and as a way of winding down and working on something different.


School Scheduler – Now with Tablet layout support

School Scheduler and School Scheduler – Lite has been upgraded to 1.25 on Google Play. An Amazon update will be done soon after any initial reported issues have been addressed.

The biggest change in this update is taking advantage of Tablet’s screen size and keeping the main screen in view while managing courses and tasks.

This update also gave me a chance to do some re-factoring while moving things from activities into fragments. I did a fair amount of internal testing to catch as many bugs as I could before releasing the update (there are also bug fixes for importing classes/tasks from the calendar) but please contact me via e-mail if you notice any issues after the update.

This update will make it easier to work on new features in the future. I’m hoping to do another update soon, as one of the features I’m looking forward to implementing is exclusion dates (so you can mark off holidays or cancelled classes). Stay tuned!

Freelance Options Available

Are you in need of a professional freelance developer? Do you require a skilled software developer with valuable quality assurance experience?

If you’re interested in hiring me as a freelancer for software development and/or mobile/software/web testing please send an email to

I have over 4 years of experience in the computer games industry! I’ve worked on Eve Online, a massively multiplayer online game created by CCP. I also have 6+ months of Android application development experience. I am a quick learner and eager to help you with your development efforts. Consider hiring me if you’re looking for a freelance programmer/tester who is knowledgeable in Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, SQL and more!


  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing for Windows/Linux software and Android devices (phone or tablet)
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Performance/Crash testing
  • Technical Support

My LinkedIn profile can be found here and my freelancing page is located here.

Price Compare now on Amazon Appstore

Price Compare is now available on the Amazon app store.


  • By entering price, amount and a unit type (such as grams, liters, pounds or gallons) you can compare against previously entered prices instantly. Conversions between imperial/metric are performed automatically.
  • Categorize products under one or more categories.
  • Track stores along with prices to build a price history.
  • Use a star rating to rate product quality when comparing across various brands
  • Supports metric and imperial system (mg, g, kg, oz, lb, mL, L, Liquid Oz (UK), Liquid Oz (US), Gallons (UK), Gallons (US)
  • Quickly compare various quantities of items to find the best deal.
  • Many opportunities to compare and save, from groceries to gas, track anything that is sold by mass/volume.
  • View both via $/Amount and Amount/$

This app is a great way to find hidden deals given price inflation for food this year.

Get it on Google Play

Android Tutorial: Viewing market page via market:// or web link

As asked by a user on Reddit, how do you parse market:// links if Google Play isn’t installed on the device? Or how do you handle links to different markets?

As a general rule I try using the market link first, but surround it in a try/catch and look for an ActivityNotFoundException exception (this is thrown if Google Play is not installed). At that point I just create a Uri to the weblink instead and send the user there.

		        			Uri uri = Uri.parse("market://details?id=com.cryptopone.pricecompare");
		        			Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);
	        			catch(ActivityNotFoundException iox)
	        				Uri uri = Uri.parse("");
	        				Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);

If I publish the app on several markets, I use a conditional statement prior to this try/catch to determine what market the links are applicable for. With Amazon I just spawn a web link to the app, but maybe you want to handle other markets differently.

Price Compare Version 1.0 Now Available!

Price compare is now available on Google Play!

The app differs from other grocery/shopping apps on the market by focusing on tracking the amount of product per each dollar spent. It works for products that are sold via mass or volume (think groceries, and anything with a mass/volume attached to it such as pop, chips, fruit, gasoline, etc).

Core Features:

  •  By entering price, amount and a unit type (such as grams, liters, pounds or gallons) you can compare against previously entered prices instantly. Conversions are performed automatically.
  • Categorize products under one or more categories.
  • Track stores along with prices to build a price history.
  • Use star ratings to rate product quality for comparing across various brands
  • Supports metric and imperial system (mg, g, kg, oz, lb, mL, L, Liquid Oz (UK), Liquid Oz (US), Gallons (UK), Gallons (US)
  • Tons of options to save, from groceries to gas, track anything that you buy based on mass/volume.
  • View both via $/Amount and Amount/$

Visit the store page and try it out. The starting price for the app is $2 which is very cheap considering how much it can help with tracking prices and always having them by your side.