Lexmark x658de Reset Maintenance Count

While installing a new maintenance kit on a printer I ran into the issue of resetting the maintenance count. Unfortunately, Lexmark seems to have hidden this functionality and even Google wasn’t able to bring up any results for me.

That being said, I was eventually able to figure out how to reset the counter and this post is an attempt to make finding this answer easier for myself and others in the future 🙂

This printer is now called Bob Marley because it is constantly jamming!

If your x658de can be summarized with this image, you may want to order a new maintenance kit sooner rather than later…

To reset the maintenance counter after installing a maintenance kit in a Lexmark x658de printer, perform the following steps:

1. Power down the printer.
2. Hold 2 and 6 on the printer’s keypad.
3. Power on the printer.
4. You’ll see the progress indicator as per normal but will eventually end up in a configuration menu screen instead of the regular home screen.
5. Select the option to reset maintenance count.
6. Exit the config menu. The printer will restart back into the home screen.

It seems there are steps for other Lexmark printers however I couldn’t find this one no matter how much I looked.