DIY – Reattach Earpiece Material For Plantronics RIG Headset


The following shows you a low-cost fix to reattach the earpiece material to the base your Plantronics RIG Headset if has detached from the base of the unit through normal use.

Note/Disclaimer: This fix will void your headset warranty. Don’t blame me if my steps don’t fix your issue, make things worse, prevent you from getting warranty support afterward, or need to replace your headset. Follow safety instructions and use common sense.

Despite taking care of my headset for almost a year, recently the fabric that hold the foam in place around one side of my headset gave way, preventing me from comfortably wearing the headset.

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Setting up BadStore Vulnerable WebApp In 2014 Using VMWare


While taking part in the Software Security course offered through Coursera, one of the projects requires you to setup a virtual instance of BadStore.

BadStore is a deliberately vulnerable web application, which offers a hands-on approach to finding and exploiting web based vulnerabilities. It’s an older piece of software, but the material is still relevant today.

This beauty of a site is ripe with vulnerabilities to practice with.

The BadStore site is ripe with vulnerabilities to practice your penetration testing skills with.

BadStore is available at I also have a copy below as the site was not responding when I was originally setting up the project.

It required a couple of attempts for me to get it working under VMWare as this is based on an older Linux kernel, and seeing the questions on the discussion forums I figured I’d outline the steps to getting it setup for anyone who is running into issues.

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